Update: Monday June 3rd is Queen's Birthday, so this has been rescheduled to Tuesday the 4th

The next meeting is on Monday the 3rd Tuesday the 4th of June. The topic is “Guru Tricks”, aimed at sysadmins.

The announcement has been posted on the mailing list. Check out the discussion thread if you have any ideas.

Topic is guru tricks, aimed at sysadmins, and covering a bunch of little tools and things that can make your work faster and more productive.

If you have a few of the tricks please then also share them at the meeting. Ideally also respond to this, with a few details as to what you have to share.

Meeting will be at OSS, level 1, 162 Grafton road, on the 3rd of June, which is a Monday. Time: 7pm.

I have tricks on using screen, script, konsole, bash, git, ssh, vim just to name a few. Hopefully, out of the meeting, everyone well learn something cool and helpful to them and at least some of us will have tricks to share.

I’ll send out a reminder closer to time.

Regards, Glen Ogilvie