Monday, 3 March, 2014 [Announcement]
Raspberry PI's IO pins and projects
Luke Pascoe
Start Time:

Luke has a project that uses the Raspberry PI's IO pins to receive / send output, running on Raspian.He's going to cover his project, and then take us through the basics of getting the pins to work, with a breadboard, leds, switches, etc.

If we have time, we might also watch the cool Raspberry PI hacks presentation that was on at LCA, and have a general discussion about what people are doing with their Raspberry PI systems, other than raspbmc.

For those that don't know what a Raspberry PI is, it's a little cheap Linux computer, the size of a credit card.

OSS, Level 1, 162 Grafton Road, Auckland (The Compass Building, corner of Grafton Rd and Khyber Pass) - Open Street Maps, Google Maps
Other Details:

OSS will provide Tea & Coffee. Parking available on the street. Feel free to turn up 10 minutes early, as we do try to kick off the actual presentation at 7.00pm. If you turn up after 7.15pm, you'll need to call a mobile number on the door to be let in.

Venue POC:
Glen Ogilvie 021 684 146