Tuesday, 4 June, 2013 [Announcement]
Guru Tricks, aimed at sysadmins
Glen Ogilvie & any volunteers
Start Time:

I have tricks on using screen, script, konsole, bash, git, ssh, and vim just to name a few. Hopefully, out of the meeting, everyone will learn something cool and helpful to them and at least some of us will have tricks to share.

We also have suggested:

  • Luke: iptraf, lsof, strace/ptrace, vmstat, iostat, top,
  • Pieter: Awk, sort and uniq
  • Shane: gitlab
  • Zarek: tmux, alternate shells, shell aliases, zsh

OSS, Level 1, 162 Grafton Road, Auckland (The Compass Building, corner of Grafton Rd and Khyber Pass) - Open Street Maps, Google Maps
Other Details:

OSS will provide Tea & Coffee. Parking available on the street. Feel free to turn up 10 minutes early, as we do try to kick off the actual presentation at 7.00pm. If you turn up after 7.15pm, you'll need to call a mobile number on the door to be let in.

Venue POC:
Glen Ogilvie 021 684 146