About Auckland LUG

The Auckland Linux Users Group was formed in June 2005 as a spinoff of the long-standing New Zealand Linux Users Group. Historically, whilst other parts of New Zealand have had their own regional LUGs, Aucklanders tended to just occupy the NZLUG Mailing list. (This in itself is a spinoff of the fact that when NZLUG was formed, it had a core membership of Aucklanders who used to regularly meet at one of their homes. Obviously, it is slightly bigger now :))

Over time it seemed that in certain corners a 'NZLUG is mainly Aucklanders' reputation was built. This was of course not the case but - well - there was nothing in existance to prove it wrong :-)

It was additionally realised by the people who regularly attend Auckland based NZLUG meetings that there would be definate advantages in a 'local' group, if only to serve for better coordination of local events and a more 'local community' feel.

So in full cooperation with NZLUG, AuckLUG was formed. And here we are.

What does AuckLUG do? What does it stand for?

AuckLUG hold monthly meetings, Until April 2012 these were usually held on the evening of the First Monday of every month. After April 2012 the routine has changed; meetings will now fall on the first weeknight of every month (making the meeting more accessible to folks for whom Mondays were a problem). Details of the next meeting will be posted to AuckLUG, to NZLUG-Announce, and to our Meetings page in the days leading up to the meeting. Through AuckLUG, Aucklanders have been (and will continue to be) active in Linux Expos and Installfests in the Auckland region, carrying on the legacy that NZLUG'rs have left in the years previously.

What else is happening?