AuckLUG being an informal entity does not have rules of association or similar. The Acceptable Use Policy outlined in this document therefore reflects commonsense. Its also open to feedback, critique and modification from AuckLUG members. Get in touch with the List Admins per details provided below.

General Acceptable Use policies for Mailing Lists worldwide are based on RFC1855. However AuckLUG conceeds that much of the information in RFC1855 is out of date and doesn't represent the realities of todays Internet. (But it was a lovely thought.)

As such whilst we encourage participants to read the above RFC it should be treated as largely educational and serve as a guide to the intention behind these policies.

The overriding consideration behind this policy document is 'consideration for others'. If in doubt, use this as your primary concern.

Subject Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

* Useful keystrokes include Ctrl-Shift-End (Highlight All and Jump to end of Document). Allows you to delete all remaining text in a window in about 1 second. This applies to most GUI interfaces including most web-based mail systems.

Content Guidelines

Posters who consistently violate these policies will be dealt with at the discretion of the List Administrators.

Remember, all posts are archived. Think before you post. Some comments may come back to haunt you or may even bring harm to the GNU/Linux and/or Free Software/Open Source Movement.

If you are new to the mailing list or have any questions you may also like to review the mailing list etiquette FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document which can be found at

Complaints about any aspect of AuckLUG or its members should in the first instance be directed to the List Admins (Currently Mark Foster and Scott Newton). The List Administrators are contactable via the link provided on the Mailing List Members Info Page.

Thanks -
The AuckLUG Admin Team.
Last Update 19 August 2009.